Android App Development

Even though a comparable starter in the smartphone market place, Android has recently obtained a tremendous reputation and is continually having its market discusses increase at an incredible rate. Hiring advantages of free, open source, and fully developed technologies supported by the Software giant Google, Android app development has the probable to create waves in the coming times with a highly specialized user interface in the mobile globe.

ABH Software for Android application development hugely successful being well conversant with the Android Software Development Package and all the methods and technologies expected to develop excellent and high quality Android apps. With a complete control on this modern platform that mostly driven by the Android 2.0 upgrades, we are now working with the newest technology version type of the Android loved family, i.e. Android 2.1 SDK, Android 2.2, 2.3 and Android 4.0 well-prepared to take on its approaching upgrade.

The advantages that Android provides over other mobile development solutions make it a definitely smart choice.

  • It's easy to start onto Android apps development - simply register, upload, and publish. It helps the web publishers with application distribution directly to the end user and the users with quick download.
  • The technologies are open, transparent, and with no difficulty.
  • It has superb application-enabling features and support.
  • Staying a multiple-device development platform, it has developed a big marketplace for itself.